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FunKey S

Toolchain installation


$ sudo apt install bash bc binutils build-essential bzip2 ca-certificates cpio cvs expect file g++ gcc git gzip liblscp-dev libncurses5-dev locales make mercurial openssh-client patch perl procps python3 python3-dev python3-distutils python3-setuptools rsync rsync sed subversion sudo tar unzip wget xxd

Download from here.

Once uncompressed, run from the directory where installed (for example /home/user/funkey/FunKey-sdk-2.3.0):

$ ./
$ . environment-setup
$ sudo ln -s /home/user/funkey/FunKey-sdk-2.3.0 /opt/FunKey-sdk

sdlretro build

Download from here.

Once the code is downloaded, it is compiled by following the steps (or by executing directly) of the package script.

The built OPK is libretro_funkey-s.opk. Copy libretro_funkey-s.opk to app folder, create /mnt/FunKey/.sdlretro/cores and put core files in the directory.

RetroArch cores build


Download from here. Built directly with make.


Download from here. Built directly with make.